Scented candles, diffusers, roomsprays and natural waxes


We specialize in the production of candles from natural scented waxes that will bring a unique atmosphere to your home, office or any space. We rely on natural waxes and essential oils, which in various combinations allow us to obtain original fragrance compositions. All YSTI candles are handmade. We take care of each of our products separately. The details are of great importance to us. We want our clients to receive only the best results of services.

Each final product meets all technical requirements, gives off an intense fragrance for a long time and looks visually attractive. Our production capabilities allow us to produce both small and larger batches of the product. If you have any questions – please contact us! We will answer them and dispel your doubts!

We provide the opportunity to purchase personalized candles, diffusers and roomsprays ideally suited to your preferences. Scented candles can be made from any blend you choose. In practice, we provide comprehensive services offering the design and manufacture of personalized candles. What does this mean in practice?

Candles made of natural waxes are an original and prestigious gift for everyone. However, aroma diffusers and roomsprays will be equally good gifts. You will find all this and much more in our offer. Check!

Personalized candles

Smells and aromas are subjectively perceived by everyone. They can stimulate or relax, but one thing is consistent for them – they affect the mood and build it. For this reason, they are a great gift, as well as a gift that you can buy for yourself. An evening with a glass of wine and a scented candle? Hints of grapes on the palate and a delicate scent of roses or strawberries in the air? It is an ideal composition to relax after a day of work or spend time with a loved one in an even more special atmosphere than usual. In addition, you can gift your employees, customers and business partners in this way. You can be sure that there will not be a person who will not appreciate a candle personalized perfectly to your preferences. They will fit very well as a gift in various types of events.

Fragrance diffusers

It is a special device dedicated to people who care about the atmosphere in their home. If you are sensitive to the smell or you just like when the aroma of your choice spreads around you, the aroma diffuser will allow you to enjoy your favorites at any time. After pouring the liquid inside, the device works constantly and you do not need to regularly, e.g. top up the oil or water level, as is the case with analog equipment. Our essential oil diffusers are more effective than any aromatherapy fireplace. In addition, the use of a fragrance diffuser from our offer does not end with the apartment. Our devices can also be found quite often in spa salons, beauty salons, as well as beauty salons, i.e. basically wherever we want to relax or rest.

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Mediterranean green lemon leaf bouquet? Eucalyptus flavor with the addition of lemongrass? Verbena, mint and geraniums for relaxation? Which of the blends do you find the most attractive? If you only wish, we will combine everything into one whole. Remember that each energizing composition is a fresh mix with a hint of madness. On the other hand, we make sure that you compose your own and receive it in the form of a comfortable room spray. This spray form is ideal for maintaining a relaxing mood at home or at work. The mist that settles in the air has an aromatherapeutic effect and is 100% natural. We make sure that our products are based on ingredients found only in nature. Roomspray can also be used to flavor your car, bedding, wardrobe, not just confined spaces.