About us


Natural and subtle fragrances

Our products are made of 100% safe substances and have the appropriate certificats.

One scented candle for many hours

Each of our articles allows you to create a unique atmosphere for a very long time.

Selected aromas

We create our compositions only based on non-standard schemes.

SINCE 2008


Who we are? The answer to this question may take two forms. We are craftsmen and, in a way, artists in our field. Why? Because if we were only manufacturers, we would only be engaged in producing candles and other similar products on a mass scale. However, we do not care about this. We pay attention to each of them separately. We are a candle manufacturer that provides comprehensive services for the design and manufacture of personalized candles. In practice, we compose individually tailored fragrance blends, according to the predisposition of each client. That is why we are not just craftsmen. Fragrance can also be a form of artistic expression, and this is what we want to prove. We specialize primarily in the production of candles from natural fragrance waxes. However, our work does not end there. We also provide access to a wide range of aroma diffusers, as well as roomspray, which we treat very similarly to scented candles in terms of production.

We rely on the best quality natural waxes, e.g. soy, palm or coconut wax. We only use natural essential oils that allow us to create completely original fragrance compositions. All our candles are handmade. We run a manufactory that allows us to offer our customers only the highest quality products. In addition, our scented candles are not only aromas. It is also a form of performance. Each candle is a decorative element. We make sure that they also fulfill an aesthetic function.